1. Class-specific loot will be distributed with the class in question using their judgment. Meaning if a druid item drops, the druids will decide to whom it goes. If a decision cannot be made in an adequate amount of time, the item will be merited by the guild.
  2. Random will not be used on deciding whom X item will go to.
  3. If an item that drops can be used by multiple classes but is an especially good fit for a specific class or player, (i.e., war/shm/clr/shd/pal item with high wisdom), players will be expected to keep this in mind when deciding to whom it goes.
  4. All guild members are expected to treat their fellow guild members with respect in terms of distributing items. For instance, if a warrior item drops, and a guild member has a comparable item or better, that member is expected to let the item go to another member who does not have a similar item. Merit will also be used if a non-no drop item that can be used by no one on the raid drops to determine which guild member receives it. This should hold true mostly for things like spells, but can also apply to weapons and armor.
  5. If neither the classes nor the guild can decide on merit, the decision will be left in the hands of the guild leaders.
  6. Members get first priority where loot is concerned. Secondary characters, recruits and special invites are not eligible for loot unless merited by the guild, i.e. something no member needs.
  7. Need before greed. This means being respectful of your fellow guild mates.

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